Thursday, 31 January 2013


I'm such a bad blogger. Must try harder.

Firstly I must wish all of you gorgeous wonderful followers a very Happy New Year. I know a tad late but got there in the end. Christmas and New Year was lovely even though I had a stint in hospital just prior and was released on Christmas Eve. The best part was of course having my most wonderful brother and sister-in-law over from Oz. Such precious times were to be had and make you treasure them even more.

Unfortunately the fun was not to last and I was readmitted to hospital on 2nd January. The law of crap luck is still with me and the endocarditis is back. Apparently this almost never happens. Just me then! Treatment = 6 weeks of antibiotics. Ah but they have to be iv so means staying in hospital for that time. Thankfully I'm back at The London Clinic so am in exceptional hands.

Great start to the year eh?  Well apparently that still isn't enough for me to be getting on with.  My body decided that my ureteric stent should block resulting in the need for a Nephrostomy (yes kids my right kidney is peeing out of my back!). And if you are still keeping up, then a small bowel blockage decided to try and kill me (eek). A quiet sunday evening resulted in surgery which "saved my life". Quite a sobering thought really. I am now minus another 2 feet of small bowel but alas have gained a colostomy.

Yes folks I am now officially a bag lady.

So another chapter begins. It's a lot to take in. A lot to deal with. A new lifestyle and a new body image. I am now too posh to poo! Weird thought that! I have a lovely stoma lady Becky. She makes it all matter of fact and so easy to get on with. It's a good job I am not squeamish and I am now getting very familiar with my bodily ablutions. How this all will all work with my wardrobe is another matter but seeing as currently I am sporting the arse out gowns then it doesn't matter. A steep learning curve ahead I feel.

As for what now. Well potentially another op - even bigger than this one. An exenteration. It's my best chance I think at getting rid of this bastard sitting in my pelvis. The radio has curbed it from wandering off so we want to get it gone. But that is another time. Firstly I have to get over this. Drs Tummy and buddies are now filling me with calorie shakes to get my weight up. The alternative being a feeding tube - re no!

Meanwhile in the background of all of this has been my amazing husband. I can't begin to imagine what it has been like for him to watch me in pain and distress. He is truly incredible and I can't thank him enough. He is my world and there are no words.

Also I mustn't forget my family and friends who are on this hideous roller coaster with me. I hate that we are doing this together but together we are and for that I am truly thankful.

Anyway, I best nip off for another dash up the corridor. Keeps the physios happy and helps to build up my weedy legs!

I shall keep you posted. Thanks for reading.