Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Every Little Helps

So as I lie here wide awake at 2.25am due to the damn steroids, I figured I may swell use mtpy time wisely!
Had treatment 3 today so am nearly a quarter of the way there. My brother came along which is great and crap as it means he is flying home to Oz tomorrow. There will be tears at Heathrow. That place always reminds me of my favourite film "Love Actually". The arrivals gate is one of the happiest places I know but conversely the departure gate is so sad. It is never good to be waving someone off there. And I'm faced with the knowledge that other than on Skype, I don't know when I will be seeing him again. Arse, I'm crying now writing this, I've got no chance tomorrow. He is the best member of my family but he lives on the other side of the world. I love my sister-in-law dearly, but man why did she have to be an Ozzie? To utilise an antipodean term - I'm gonna miss you heaps bruv.
Anyway, wiping the tears and snot away; plenty of that to be had tomorrow. The snipathon and calendar planning is going well. We have firemen volunteers for the calendar and I get to photograph them. Cancer does occasionally have it's perks! Who knew?!
I have posted the Just Giving link for those that may wish to contribute if you can't make the hair cutting marathon or are took far away for the calendar, or just want to do your bit. I have blatantly stolen the Tesco strap line but it's true! Thank you in anticipation. It all means so much. Love you all loads.

David Cubbon is fundraising for Bowel Cancer UK


  1. Firemen?!!! You never said anything about firemen today! Mind you, neither of us stopped talking long enough to mention anything about the calendar did we?! Right then, I'll bake muffins (again) and come along to the firemen shoot, please! Yay, gorgeous firemen!

  2. But thank goodness for Skype, eh? It does make the world seem smaller. Chin up - quarter of the way there now!