Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Holy crap!

OH. MY. GOD. I am in shock.

So evilness Dr starts the appointment with lots of "How have you been?" niceness. Part of me wanted to carry on the chit chat to ward off the inevitable. But the other part just thought GET ON WITH IT!

Anyway my PET/CT scan was completely clear. The SOMETHING in my liver is metabolically inactive which makes it much less likely to be evilness. So 6 weeks ago I was told I have liver cancer and now it seems that is not the case. FUCK. They think it may be a fatty growth. Fine by me!

And as for the sneaky tumour in my pelvis that was left behind after my last op, and that doesn't show up on a normal CT scans, is also not there either. So at the moment I am cancer free.


I am stunned. I was fully prepared for the badest news and I get this. SHIT.

So no more horrid drugs for now and then an MRI in february and an ultrasound which can differentiate fat from nastiness. And then we see. But the good thing is that the kick ass drugs were actually kicking ass so we can use them again if it comes back.

I haven't felt like celebrating Christmas because of these results. And now we have had this amazing news. It is still really hard though because of my wonderful father in law. We found out last week that he now has evilness in his spine and so started radiotherapy today. I know how hard it is hearing that someone else has had great news whilst you are battling with shit. You are thrilled for them but insanely jealous. Man this disease is an evil bastard.

But for now i am going to just think about the fact that I have kicked it's arse for the second time. So there.


  1. Bloody, bloody well done you!

    You rock, lady.

    Hope you have the bestest Christmas ever.


  2. I am so happy for you! Been thinking about you a lot over this last month and when you look back at your post from a month ago it all seemed so bleak so this is just amazing news. I really hope you can enjoy Christmas, you deserve it x

  3. That's brilliant news - I'm so pleased for you. Here's to a wonderful Christmas! And best wishes to your fil, hopefully your news will give him some strength x

  4. You are amazing lady! You've beaten the evilness.

    For now focus in being cancer FREE and try to have a bloody awesome Christmas despite FILs news, hopefully he'll be feeling better once the radiotherapy kicks in and as a family you an have a truly fantabulous Christmas in spite of everything.

    I love you lady xxx

  5. Reading your news today made me cry - I am so, so pleased to hear it. Have a wonderful Christmas - you deserve it.

    S x

  6. So glad for you lovely lady! Have a well deserved Christmas

  7. You rule sis - you kicked arse again - you are the ultimate arse kicking machine!!!!!

  8. Wonderful, wonderful news! I hope that your FiL gets some good news in the not too distant too.

    Have been thinking of you and am so pleased to read this. Am delighted for you.

    Loof x