Saturday, 9 June 2012


As I sit here drinking my bedtime Ovaltine, watching the third of another 3 units of finest A+, I can't help but look at the last 48h. Yesterday was round 1 of chemo. A day that started with the usual feelings. The unknown is always much worse. My gorgeous chemo nurse Eileen will be looking after me and she has already advised me to have a port fitted as my veins are teeny. I already have a big bruise from yesterday. But my bloods were not good. Great start. I am still hugely anaemic. So another blood transfusion recommended. Joy. Had the new chemo. Very alarming as no anti-emetics are given. Just iv piriton - so I was no use to man nor beast! All went well and no reactions - just have to see what the next week brings. One blood transfusion reaction later and the 3 units were abandoned yesterday and so here I am today. But this time let's take 4 hours over each unit. Yawn! I am staying in tonight as Dr Evil is coming to see me in the morning having spoken to my surgeon. It seems that he has finally listened to what I have been telling him for the last few weeks. How about we look at why I'm so anaemic? Where could the blood be going I wonder? Hardly rocket science. Still 25 minutes to go and I get my arm back. Clever doctor that, that put the cannula in my left arm. Interesting time I've had trying to do anything! Provided some entertainment though!


  1. Hope things start to look up now. Tanta