Tuesday, 18 October 2011

80's Cheese

Get me - twice in two days! However realised that forgot some good stuff!

Last week I went to see Rock of Ages with my oldest, bestest friend. It is the new 80's cheesy rock musical starring Justin Lee Collins and Shane Ward. It is, quite frankly, bloody brilliant. Shakespeare it is not. Hilarious and full of 80's soft rock it is. We laughed, sang and danced the night away. Amazing for the soul.
And I have also booked tickets for the Warner Brother Studio's Harry Potter tour. Tickets are booked for the day before my birthday next year and I can't wait.

It is a really odd but good feeling to book something for next year. Who knows what will happen after chemo finishes - I am meant to be having another op but not sure when. The plan being to have a look at the evilness - hopefully they will have to look really bloody hard as it won't be there any more! However if it is then they may be able to take more/all out. Who knows. Anyway that is the next step but trying to get an answer on when - well, blood and stone spring to mind! I think sometimes they forget that they tell me how important it is to live life normally - which involves plans etc - but how do you make plans when you don't know when things will be. Ho hum. All makes life more interesting eh? Or something!

Anyway must dash as the ginger-wonder that is Horatio is on now! (puts sunglasses on!)

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