Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wakey wakey

We are feeling wonderfully relaxed after a fantastic long weekend down in our Mecca of Cornwall. It was Darrell's birthday on Friday so we booked a long weekend in a Landmark Trust property in a teeny hamlet called Coombe Valley - near Bude.

We have been there before and it is half a mile from the beach and there is no tv, no radio and no mobile signal! Bliss. Bye bye world for a few days. We had glorious weather on the saturday and I established that I am incredibly unfit on a walk along the coastal path. We walked back along this amazing beach.

Unfortunately on the way back whilst clambering over some rocks I slipped and landed on my lower back. Ouch - rather battered and bruised but was great to feel alive.

Sunday was rainy so had a brief walk and then chilled (read that as snoozed) in front of the open fire. Darrell got to be all manly and play with fires all weekend.

All in all it was wonderful.

One slight ironic thing is that (sorry to share too much) - my period that has been AWOL for the last 7 months due to the kick-ass drugs nuking my ovaries - decided to show up this weekend. Whoever thought I would be so pleased to see "the curse"!! Now this is potentially amazing news as there was the possibility that my ovaries would turn over, tuck themselves in and never wake up after the drugs. So the fact that they have decided that maybe their work isn't done is great. BUT - my body has obviously saved up all the pain etc from the 7 missing periods and condensed it into one. More ouchiness. Bastard female issues!

Now obviously there is the possibility that it really doesn't matter what my wee egg makers are up to if I can't beat the evilness. But hey - it's a start. At least there is perhaps an option. A glimmer of hope.

And hope can never be bad. Jeez - we have £6k's worth of hope shivering away at Hammersmith.

We like hope.......


  1. heh heh heh there miss tampax!!!! it cant only be a good thing surely!!!

  2. hope is cunningly disguised as a bit of a bloody mess!!!