Tuesday, 18 September 2012

You couldn't make it up!

Well the good news is that the 5 weeks of radiotherapy is done and has actually gone quite well. All the pain has gone and I no longer look like I ate all the pies! The most recent CT shows the tumour resembling swiss cheese! Weirdly the frying of the evilness continues for another couple of months after finishing actual treatment so we can't judge the full effect. Everyone has been pleased with how I've done - even my skin hasn't suffered too badly. I just have a perfect square peeling sunburn on my bum! Very glamorous. The facilities are amazing and treatment each day only took about 15 minutes.

Not very comfortable at all!

The radiotherapy room

Being lined up and positioned

My View lying on the table

And the incarceration hasn't been too bad actually. It's amazing how many people pass through London or visit London, so I have been really lucky to have had loads of visitors - some old friends that I haven't seen in many years too. Weird how there are some good things to come out of the evilness. My amazing work colleagues got me some vouchers for here so I could have some pampering whilst in hospital. It was such a lovely thought and very much appreciated. 

So I have actually been quite busy hence being rubbish at blogging!

Now it all seems rather positive doesn't it? Well, those of you that know me, may know that I tend not to expect good news, and this time is no different! About 3 weeks into evilness frying, I started to spike temperatures. After many blood cultures, bodily fluid samples and tests, it was eventually discovered that I had Endocardititis. A big lump of yuk inside my heart. Arse. I mean seriously, you couldn't make this up. So 2 more consultants to add to my collection - heart surgeon and heart medic. Onto a shed load of iv antibiotics to try and get this thing to bugger off - all the while being warned that it could break off and travel to my lungs. This would be a very bad thing. 

Much head scratching and phone calling and general discussion resulted in the antibiotics not really working and the lump staying the same which meant that the nice surgeon that I met (just in case, but you won't need me) got to step up. 

So I had my final frying on monday and then tuesday dawn was transferred to another hospital in london - The Wellington. This was necessary as they have bypass there - holy crap as I soon realised that we were talking MAJOR surgery here. Cracking my chest and bypass etc - the stuff of ER and Holby City. Just what is recommended after 5 weeks of radiotherapy when your body is in tip top form!

It must be said, the goodbye at the theatre door when you are heading into a thoracotomy is terrifying. I am not scared of operations etc but this was one time when the thought was there that I may not wake up. Fuck.

Back in the ward with a central line sewn to my face!
But wake up I did and for once I had GOOD NEWS. There had been musings that maybe this lump of yuk was actually a little gang of yuk and evilness. It's always there in my mind so I wasn't exactly surprised when the seed was sown.

But NO. For once the evilness didn't get to join in the fun and it was just yuk. O.M.G. and all other such shock related type exclamations. After all the shite I finally get a little bit of good news. I know that endocardititis is a big deal and I need 2 more weeks of iv antibiotics but evilness of the heart would have been very bad indeed. Very bad.

And in the midst of all of this madness my amazing internet weirdies have been there every step of the way. Not content with gorgeous flowers, and yummy cupcakes, they blew me away with a hamper of home made goodies and really thoughtful gifts. There was a Cath Kidston explosion and a beautiful necklace from Tiffany. I was stunned. It is truly incredible that people that are to a degree, strangers, can do such an incredibly thoughtful thing. I am so blessed and honoured to be part of the community. Thank you never seems enough.

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