Monday, 8 October 2012


10 days. The longest that I have been out of hospital since July. How crazy is that?

I was finally released last saturday evening after a final stress of making sure my temperature was normal all day. Also on the understanding that I have to keep a temperature chart as if an infection was going to raise its ugly head, it would happen now that the antibiotics have finished. So twice daily I have to check that I'm not burning up again - remembering to not do it straight after a cuppa! And without wishing to tempt fate, so far so good.

My lovely cardiothoracic medic warned me that being home would be much harder than I anticipated. I have essentially existed in one room for the last 12 weeks so living in a house is a big deal. And man he wasn't wrong. Bit of a shock to the system to have to make a cup of tea! I am used to asking some lovely person to sort all my needs. However - I am managing and being a good patient and not doing "too much" - whatever that means!

Today I have taken that to the letter and have spent the day in my PJs on the sofa, under the Quilt of Love! I could get used to this!

Super soft PJs and UGG slippers from Oz - chosen by my lovely brother


  1. Yay, so pleased you are finally home! Enjoy snuggling with those PJ's x

  2. A great choice of PJ's I may add!!!