Monday, 2 January 2012


The more observant amongst you may have noticed a few additions to my blog layout - or not!

I have added a link so you can (hopefully) be notified by email when I add a post.

Also for the 4th year I have embarked on my Photo-a-Day project. 2009 didn't go well. I completed it in 2010 but lost my way a bit in 2011. I use it as a bit of a photo diary of my year, but also to develop my photography skills. Also it is a great way for me to meet others with the same interest. I am hoping this will be a more positive year and so my photos will reflect that. I have added a link to my images on the blog too.

My brother has joined my geekdom and gotten the photography bug - so he is doing PAD too. I can't wait to watch his skills develop this year. Mind you his images will be amazing as he lives in Oz - sunshine always improves everything!


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