Monday, 27 June 2011

Be Prepared

Since I seem to be shedding hair everywhere I thought I should remember my Girl Guide motto (I was an Elf, in case you were wondering!)
I found a fantastic website and ordered some great silk headscarves - just in case. I figured if I have to do the whole headscarf thing then embrace it. No boring plain cotton for me - no thank you. I shall mostly be doing the camp Jack Sparrow - I think it is fab! I may well do the whole heavy black eyeliner thing as well if I lose my eyelashes - although I draw the line at the beard!
I shall be ordering more. This summer I will mostly be accessorising my head.


  1. So the cold cap isn't working? Never mind, the headscarf looks great

  2. Not sure yet Steve. Just being prepared, just in case! All my hair was tucked underneath!

  3. The headscarf is fab, more sophisticated than elf but it takes a lovely face to carry it off like you do. Just think it will only be a tempory loss and in the meantime you can have a play with many styles and colours as well as scarves.