Monday, 13 June 2011

Counting Down

A week to go.

A day of procedures and preparation today. Sometimes it feels that is all my life has become - probably because it is true. Check up on how my kidney is doing - so another blood test. Then the dentist to have teeth cleaned to try and minimise problems during chemo.
I am having my central line fitted tomorrow - that really will feel like the beginning of the real crap. No getting away from it when it is staring right at you every time you look in the mirror. My right boob will have a dressing over it for the next 6 months - how to kill your libido. Stone dead. How shite is that? Mm did I share too much?
So another sedation tomorrow. Painted toenails in preparation! Can't have rubbish looking feet - priorities eh?! I will let you know tomorrow if the sedation does what it should and blocks my memory. It has failed each time so far. Bring on the drugs.

At least I have Glee and Made in Chelsea to keep me amused tonight.
Did I mention that I love crap TV?!

1 comment:

  1. Best of luck for today - your toes look beautiful!

    Hope you enjoyed Glee and how trashy was made in chelsea last night (compelling in a strange way)