Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day 2

It's the start of the "how will I feel when I wake up" rollercoaster. Crap night's sleep due to the steroids - finally dropped off at 4am only to be woken at 6am by Harry coming through the bedroom window with a bird. Joy. So am knackered which won't be helping. Once I get further into the chemo then I should be able to predict which side effect arrives on which day.
Felt mildly nauseous all day so been popping the pills. Hair is a state - been sporting a camp Jack Sparrow headscarf look to keep the mop under control. Can't wait to wash it.
So here I am in chemo again. Sigh. Not a place I thought I would be again.How shit is that? 6 months is looming ahead of me at the moment. I think once I get into the routine of it then that will help. At the moment it is all unknown so I have no idea how many piles of shite I am going to feel. I haven't even had all the drugs yet so god knows what round 2 will bring. Let's just hope it is manageable. On the plus side my brother is flying back from Australia in 2 weeks time so he will be my chemo buddy for round 2 and 3. I miss him so much and this evilness makes the distance seem all the greater.

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